Dept. of LIS at NTU joins the iSchools consortium

We are pleased to announce that the Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University, has become a full member of the iSchools organization, an international cons

Faculty Appointed to New Positions in Fall

Several faculty members in the department were appointed to new positions in Fall, 2016. Dr. Chi-Shiou Lin was appointed as the new Department Chiar of Library and Information Science. Dr. Kuang-hua Chen was ap

Congrats to Prof. Muh-Chyun Tang on his promotion to full professor

Prof. Muh-Chyun Tang has been promoted to full professor! LISers would like to offer him our hearty congratulations. Currently, there are 7 full professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 assistant professors in

The 2nd Department Alumni Association Gathering

By Gao-Ming Tang, Kai-Lin Hsiao 2016-3-22 Translated by Chia-I Chang Photo credit to Dr. Clarence Chu, Kai-Lin Hsiao, Hui-Shia Wu, Wen-Yun Li, Ming-Chi Su, Zhong-Zhe Ma The Second Department Alumni Association

The 2nd department Outing and Library Tour

by Fan, Chu-Ting 2016.1.25~2016.1.26 The first department outing and library tour to Kaohsiung Public Library and Dadong Arts Center Library was held in winter 2015. For this year, 2016, we have made our desti

Two NTULIS Alumni won LIS Outstanding Thesis Awards

NTULIS alumni won 2015 Library and Information Science Outstanding Theses Awards from the Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The recipients include Shen-Hsin Sun and Yi-Yun Cheng (both MA’

Fall Research Forum

NTU LIS Faculty Research Forum and Graduate Student Research Forum are held every semester with the aim of fostering discussions among faculty and students. In Fall 2015, the faculty research forum was held on

5 NTULIS Alumni won NLPI Thesis Awards

Photo Source: National Library of Public Information Five NTULIS alumni won 2015 National Library of Public Information Thesis Awards. The award recipients include Drs. Chiu-yen Lin and Li-chiao Wang (both Ph.D

Big congrats to our newly promoted Profs!

Drs. Weijane Lin and Yu-Wei Chang have been promoted to Associate Professors! LISers would like to say big congrats to them! Currently there are 6 full professors, 5 associate professors, and 3 assistant profes

Congrats to LISers who passed 2015 Civil Service Exams!

LISers did very well on the 2015 National Civil Service Exams. Among 29 people who passed 2015 Library Management Senior Civil Service Exam, 15 were NTULIS students/alumni; among the two who passed 2015 Archiva