It is our great honor to invite Dr. Wolfgang Glänzel, the editor of the renowned International journal Scientometrics, to give several talks at the NTULIS.
Here is the schedule:

2015/08/05 (Wed.)
Prof. Dr. Glanzel / Bibliometric Research and Services at the Centre for R&D Monitoring in Flanders

2015/08/06 (Thu.)
Prof. Dr. Glanzel / Bibliometric network analysis and the identification of emerging research topics
Dr. Chi / Book Bibliometrics:Opportunities and Limitations of the Book Citation Index for Bibliometric Studies
Prof. Dr. Glanzel / The Application of Citation-Based Performance Classes in National and Institutional Research Assessment

Dr. Pei-Shan Chi (MA ’08) will also give a talk on “History and Institutionalisation of Scientometrics” from 10am-noon on August 10th, 2015.

Please mark your calendar and come to join us!

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