Photo Source: National Library of Public Information

Five NTULIS alumni won 2015 National Library of Public Information Thesis Awards. The award recipients include Drs. Chiu-yen Lin and Li-chiao Wang (both Ph.D.’15), Bi-Shin Hsueh, Jia-Ying Chan, and Yi-Lin Lee (all M.A.’15).

Dr. Chiu-yen Lin is the Deputy Director of National Archives Administration, and Dr. Li-chiao Wang is Chief of Archives at the Institute of Taiwan History, Academic Sinica. These five theses and dissertations cover important issues in library and information science as well as archival studies. Here is a list of their theses and dissertations:

Award RecipientAdvisorThesis/Dissertation
Chiu-yen Lin  Hsueh-Hua ChenA new model for the management of government documents, records, and archives
Li-chiao Wang   Shanju Lin Chang       A study of archives users' information behavior in context
Bi-Shin Hsueh       Kuang-hua ChenExploring research characteristics and references patterns of scholarly literature in digital humanities
Jia-Ying ChanShanju Lin ChangA study of browsing patterns in an online bookstore
Yi-Lin LeeWen-Chin LanA study of bibliographic record enhancement at university libraries in Taiwan

More information about their works can be found at: National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan.

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