titsai1Tsai, Tien-I

Office: Room 18
Office Hours:
TEL: +886-2-3366-1798
FAX: +886--2363-2859

Ph.D., Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A., Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University
B.A., History, National Taiwan University

Work Experience:
Associate Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University
Associate Lecturer, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Assistant, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Areas:
Information Behavior, Information Literacy, Information Sources & Services

Information Psychology, Library Management, Information Visualization, Digital Libraries, Special Libraries, Information Sources and Services in Humanities, , Library Trends

Journal Articles

  • 莊竣顯、蔡天怡(2019)。以協作意願與資訊來源管道探究大學生個人差異及其小組報告之協作資訊尋求行為。圖書資訊學刊,17(2),103-129。取自期刊)
  • Tsai, T.-I. (2019). Using visual methods to explore how students in information-related fields express the concept of “information”. Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences, 56(3), 271-295. doi: 10.6120/JoEMLS.201911_56(3).0026.RS.AE (TSSCI期刊)
  • 鄭如茵、蔡天怡(2019)。智慧圖書館讀者之需求與滿意度研究:以臺北市立圖書館為例。圖書資訊學研究,13(2),1-39。取自期刊)
  • 楊琬琳、蔡天怡(2018)。合作學習情境中師資培育生教案發展之協作資訊行為。圖書資訊學刊,18(1),頁109-139。(TSSCI期刊)
  • 蔡天怡(2016)。統計から見る台湾の専門図書館。専門図書館,276,頁54-59。
  • 蔡天怡(2015)。圖書資訊學領域學生如何說出「資訊」的故事:視覺方法之探索性研究。圖書資訊學研究,10(1),頁123-169。(TSSCI期刊)
  • 蔡天怡(2014)。淺談社會性軟體於公共圖書館生涯資訊服務之應用。台北市立圖書館館訊,32(1),頁1-16。
  • Kim, K.-S., Sin, S.-C., & Tsai, T.-I. (2014). Individual differences in social media use for information seeking. Journal of Academic Librarianship, 40(2), 171-178.
  • Eschenfelder, K. R., Tsai, T.-I., Zhu, X., & Stewart, B. (2013). How institutionalized are model license use terms? An analysis of e-journal license use rights clauses from 2000-2009. College & Research Libraries, 74(4), 326-355. Retrieved from
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  • 吳明德、劉曉青、黃鈺婷、蔡天怡(2008)。我國大學圖書館館藏發展館員對電子資源聯盟的看法探討。圖書與資訊學刊,67,11-22。
    蔡天怡(2005)。《書目答問》與《四庫全書總目》別史類分類之比較。大學圖書館, 9(1),143-156。


Refereed Conference Proceedings & Presentations

  • Tsai, T.-I., & Chuang, C.-H. (2020, March). How likely are college students to be influenced by others in small-group projects: A study on group compositions and coursework-related collaborative information seeking behavior. In Sundqvist, A., Berget, G., Nolin, J., & Skjerdingstad, K. I. (Eds.). Sustainable Digital Communities: iConference 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Vol. 12051, pp. 297–304). Borås, Sweden. dio: 10.1007/978-3-030-43687-2_24
  • Chen, K.-h., & Tsai, T.-I. (2019, December). Building an inventory and information retrieval system for humanities and social science databases. The 10th International Conference on Digital Archives and Digital Humanities (DADH 2019). Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Chen, K.-h., & Tsai, T.-I. (2019, November). An integrated catalog or a meta-search system for humanities and social science databases: A need assessment and its implementation. Asia-Pacific Library and Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Tsai, T.-I., & Wu, C.-C. (2019, October). Everyday life information world mapping of international students: a visual narrative inquiry approach. ASIS&T Annual Meeting SIG-USE Symposium. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Tsai, T.-I., Chen, H.-J., Tai, C.-H., & Chen, Y.-L. (2019, October). How do students’ information world maps change while developing their thesis topics?: A longitudinal study using arts-based elicitation interviews. ASIS&T Annual Meeting. Melbourne, Australia.
  • Tsai, T.-I. (2019, August). Exploring the information world in academic contexts: visual elicitation interviews with students developing their master’s theses. International Conference and Workshop on Survey Research Methodology. Taipei: Academia Sinica.
  • 莊竣顯、蔡天怡(2019年5月)。以協作意願與資訊來源管道探究大學生個人差異 及其小組報告之協作資訊尋求行為。輔仁大學圖書館與資訊社會研討會,輔仁大學。
  • Tsai, T.-I. (2018, November). Counting what students in information-related fields see as “information:” A content analysis of visual images. Paper presented at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting SIG-USE Symposium. Vancouver, Canada.
  • Tsai, T.-I., & Yang, W.-L. (2018, March). How do pre-service teachers work “together” on curriculum development projects: A study on tools and tasks in collaborative information behavior. In G. Chowdhury, J. McLeod, V. Gillet, & P. Willett (Eds). Transforming digital worlds: iConference 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Vol. 10766, pp.537-543). Cham, Switzerland: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-78105-1_59
  • Tsai, T.-I., Kuo, F. (2018, January). Applying the contextual model of source selection (CMoSS) to nurses at work: a systematic review of nurses’ information behavior. 21st East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars & 11th International Nursing Conference (21st EAFONS & 11th INC). Seoul, Korea.
  • Tsai, T.-I., Huang, Y.-L., Su, Y.-T., & Weng, P.-H. (2017, November). Public libraries under pressure: a data-driven visualization of longitudinal statistics in Taiwan. Paper presented at the Asia-Pacific Conference on Library & Information Education and Practice (A-LIEP). Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Tsai, T.-I. (2015, April). Supporting early multilingual literacy education of preschool children through a Chinese picture book library. International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL 2015). Seoul, Korea.
  • Tsai, T.-I., & Kim, K.-S. (2013, November). Information horizons of college students: source preferences and source referrals in academic contexts. Poster presented at ASIS&T 2013 Annual Meeting. Montreal, Canada.
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  • Tsai, T.-I. (2010). Information Horizons of Taiwanese Graduate Students. In Reilly, M. (Ed.) 2010 iConference Proceeding (pp.233-246). Urbana-Champaign, IL.


Other Invited Articles

  • 蔡天怡(2018)。資訊視覺化概論與實作(頁135-166)。載於余宗基(主編),軍事社會科學大數據論壇。臺北市:國防大學政治作戰學院。
  • Tsai, T.-I., & Chiu, M.-H. P. (2017). ASIS&T Taipei Chapter reception. Bulletin of the Association for Information Science & Technology, 43(3), 26-27. Retrieved from
  • 蔡天怡(2016)。學術文章的影響力及其量化指標。科學月刊:科技報導,419,11-14。


Thesis & Dissertation

  • Tsai, T.-I. (2013). Socialization and information horizons: Source use behavior of first-generation and continuing-generation college students. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
  • 蔡天怡(2008)。資訊可獲性對圖書資訊學博碩士論文引用文獻影響之研究。未出版之碩士論文,國立臺灣大學圖書資訊學系暨研究所,台北市。