The Department of Library and Information Science at National Taiwan University is distinguished for its research program. The department supports faculty and students for local, national, and international research engagements. Our faculty not only conduct funded research (list of projects in Chinese) in a wide range of areas (see Areas). Our faculty also work collaboratively with students on cutting-edge research and publish their results in top-rank journals (see individual faculty pages). With the ultimate goal of making a great impact on individuals, communities, and the society, faculty also partner with scholars in related fields and share their works through publications, presentations, and other scholarly events. See NTULIS Academic Hub for more information.

Professor & DirectorChang, Yu-WeiInformetrics, Scholarly Communication, Archives Research
Professor EmeritusHu, James S.C.Library & Information Science, Politics
Professor EmeritusWu, Ming-derLibrary Science, Collection Development, E-Reading, Information Organization, Metadata, Information Sources & Services, Use of Library Catalogs, User Studies
Professor EmeritusChen, Hsueh-HuaLibrary Science, Information Organization, Library Technical Services, Information Sources & Services, Digital Preservation, E-Publishing, Knowledge Management
ProfessorHuang, Mu-HsuanLibrary & Information Science, Information Retrieval, Information Behavior, Indexing & Abstracting, Informetrics, Patent Information & Patent Searching
ProfessorChang, Shan-Ju LinLibrary & Information Science, User Studies, Digital Libraries, Information Behavior, E-Reading, Knowledge Management, Qualitative Methods, Information Sources & Services
ProfessorChen, Kuang-huaInformation Science, Informetrics, Big Data, Digital Preservation, Digital Libraries, Information Retrieval, System Evaluation
ProfessorTang, Muh-ChyunSocial Network , Scholarly Communication, Reading Studies, Performance Evaluation
ProfessorLin, Chi-ShiouSocial Informatics, Scholarly Communication, Archives Science Studies, Reading Studies
ProfessorLin, WeijaneHuman-Computer Interaction, Learning Analytics, E-Reading
ProfessorYang, Tung-MouElectronic Government, Information Policy, Informatics / Information Studies, Development of Communication & Technology Skills, Digital Divide
ProfessorLo, Szu-ChiaInformation Organization and Retrieval, Library Systems, User Behavior, Bibliometrics
Associate ProfessorTsai, Tien-IInformation Behavior, Information Literacy, Information Sources & Services
Associate ProfessorJeng, WeiResearch data, scholarly communication, academic social media, human information interaction
Assistant ProfessorHuang, Li-Min CassandraCyberbullying, Affective Information Need, Information Behavior, Digital Literacy, User study
Adjunct ProfessorLu, Shiow-JyuCataloging & Classification, Library Management, Humanities Literature, Readers' Services
Adjunct ProfessorSheih, Chen Su-mayBibliotherapy, Reading Psychology, User Studies, Service Communication, Library Leadership and Management, Management Psychology, Public Library
Adjunct ProfessorWu, Ko-ChiuLibrary Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Seeking Behavior, Project Management
Adjunct ProfessorChiu, Tzu-hengInformation Organization, Medical Information Resources and Services, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Organization, Information Literacy Education, Library and Information Institution Management
Adjunct ProfessorHuang, Yuan-HoKnowledge and Innovation Management, Library and Information Center Management, Scholarly Communication Services, Informetrics, Information Behavior and Information Search Strategy
Adjunct Associate ProfessorLan, Wen-ChinInformation Organization, Chinese Bibliography, History of Books
Adjunct Associate ProfessorLIU, Fiona Feng-HsinChildhood studies, Literature for Children and Young Adults, Picture Books and Visual Culture, Fairy Tales
Adjunct Associate ProfessorLin, Tingyi S.Information Design, Storyboard, Visual Communication, Design for Interconnectivity, Visual Storytelling for Social Design
Adjunct Associate ProfessorChen, Sophy Shu-JiunDigital Archives, Metadata, Knowledge Organization, Linked Data
Adjunct Associate ProfessorLin, Sung-ChienNatural Language Processing, Text Mining, Information Visualization, Informetrics
Adjunct Assistant ProfessorLin, Chiu-YenDocuments, Records and Archive Management, Archives Law and Administration, Archives Access, Records and Archives Information, Electronic Records, Government Publication Management

The Department of Library and Information Science (LIS) at National Taiwan University (NTU) publishes the Journal of Library & Information Studies (ISSN 1606-7509; formerly Journal of Library Science). The journal was first published in 1967 and was the first scholarly journal for library science researchers in Taiwan. It is a first-tier journal in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) by the Department of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Science and Technology (formerly National Science Council).

The NTULIS student organization publishes Shu-fu. It is a student publication first published in 1978. Graduates students must complete and successfully defend their master’s theses and doctoral dissertations to earn their degrees. Detailed information about theses and dissertations can be found here.

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In addition to the above publications, our faculty and students also disseminate their works to both local and international audience. Our graduate students complete quality theses and dissertations, and our faculty publish quality research in various forms. Detailed publication information of each faculty member can be found in individual faculty pages.

Exploring Information Sharing Behavior Over Social Media-RED(Xiaohongshu)Szu-Chia LoZi-Ting XiongM.A.
Different in Preregistration Adherence Recognition between Psychology Experts and Open Scinece ExpertsWei JengYu-Ning TingM.A.
How Augmented Olfactory Feedback Assists Visually Impaired Students' Learning of Mudslide in GeographyWeijane Lin, Hsiu-Ping YuehMeng-Ju LeeM.A.
A Comparative Bibliometric Analysis of the Author’s Sources and Cited Performance of Mega-Journals and High-Impact General Science JournalsChi-Shiou LinYi-yu WangPh.D.
Based on an Eye-Tracking Approach to Explore the Defense Between Task-Oriented and Interested-Oriented: Founding from College Students' Criteria for Relevance Judgments in Image Retrieval Mu-Hsuan HuangLi-Shu HoPh.D.
A Survey on Taiwanese Users' Opinions Regarding the Permanent Archiving of Public Information on FacebookChi-Shiou LinWen-Han YuM.A.
The Influence of Music Discovery and Individual Psychological Attributes on User Playist Evaluation: A Case Study of Spotify Users.Muh-Chyun TangTang-Hui TsaiM.A.
Exploring Cybersecurity Imagery in Scientific Communication: Construction and Evaluation of Visual Rhetoric MethodsWei JengYu-Wen HuangM.A.
Trend Analysis of Taiwan and Japan’s LGBTQ Studies in the Fields of Humanities and Social SciencesSzu-Chia LoYen-Chu ChenM.A.
Research on Service Model of Markerspaces in Taiwan's Public LibrarySzu-Chia LoYa-Hsuan TsuiM.A.
Sustainability in Museum Education Programs: A Case Study of 2023 International Museum Day Activities at the Southern Branch of the National Palace MuseumWeijane LinYu-Fang JhanM.A.
Exploring the Design for Encouraging Security & Privacy Behaviors: Harmonizing Awareness, Motivation, and Ability in SPAFWei JengLi-Fei KungM.A.
A Study on the Successful Model of Information Systems for Library ApplicationsKuang-hua ChenJia-Yong ChenPh.D.
A Study on Subject Recognition and Translation Process Based on Brenda Dervin’s Sense-Making TheorySzu-Chia LoShu-Lai ChouPh.D.
A Comparative Study on the Building Social Media Image of High Reputation Academic Libraries Across Taiwan StraitKuang-hua ChenTian GuoM.A.
Exploring the Current Development of Preprints in Humanities and Arts Disciplines Based on Journal Preprint PolicyYu-Wei ChangKang-Ping LiouM.A.
A Study on the Linkage of Data Level for the System of Postcard during the Japanese Colonial PeriodKuang-hua ChenRih-Syuan HuangM.A.
A Survey on Current Older Adults Services and the Feasibility Assessment of Public Libraries in Taiwan-Based on "Taiwan's Guidelines for Library and Information Services for Older Adults" Shanju Lin ChangYa-Chiao YangM.A.
A Study on Applying Deep Learning in Disciplines Classification and Crosswalk FrameworkKuang-hua ChenChien-chih HuangPh.D.
The Role of Museums in Taiwan Archeology Education: A Review StudyWeijane LinAmi TsunakawaM.A.
Journal Editors and Authors’ Perspectives and Practices of Transparency in Taiwanese Psychology CommunitiesWei JengTing-Hsuan KaoM.A.
Exploring the Information Behavior of First-time Homebuyers with Information World MappingTien-I TsaiHsin-Yu ChenM.A.
A Study of Translating Taiwanese Martian language to Standard Taiwanese Characters Formulated by the Ministry of EducationKuang-hua ChenIk-Ki KanM.A.
Explore and Compare the Research Topics of Library and Information Science in Mainland China and Taiwan Kuang-hua ChenTian-Yu HeM.A.
The Demand for Career Information Service in Public Libraries: A Study of the People Applying for Brides from Mainland ChinaChen Su-may SheihRui-Yuan ChenM.A.
A Study on the Cultivation of Archives Use Expertise among the History ResearchersChi-Shiou LinYi-Yu WangM.A.

TitleAdvisor(s)AuthorDegree DateDegree Earned
Exploratory Research in the Layouts and Reading Behaviors of Digital ComicsWei JengChing-Shiuan ChenJun, 2023B.A.
(Non-Graduation Requirements)
Coauthorship Patterns and Levels of Journals Selected by Prolific Arts and Humanities AuthorsYu-Wei ChangHsuan-Tung YehJun, 2023B.A.
(Non-Graduation Requirements)
Design and Development of an AR Application to Support Students with CVD in High School Chemistry ReadingWeijane LinPei-Luo HungJun, 2022B.A.
(Non-Graduation Requirements)
Cultivating youth data literacy in Taiwan: An action researchWei JengLi-Fei KungJun, 2021B.A.
(Non-Graduation Requirements)
Identification and Analysis of Sleeping Beauties and Flash-in-the-pan in the field of Mathematics and EconomicMu-Hsuan HuangWen-Yi ChouJan, 2024M.A.
Application of Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Mediated by Bibliographic Data in LibraryKuang-hua ChenHuiu-Chu ShihJan, 2024M.A.
Toward the Best Practice of Data Governance in an Organization: a Case StudyWei JengYun-Chi ChangDec, 2023M.A.
Exploring the Relationship between Open Peer Commentany and Bibliographic Networks: A Case Study of Behavioral and Brain SciencesMuh-Chyun TangChu-Ying KaoJul, 2023M.A.
Preprint Authors in the Field of English and American Literature and Their Preprints PublishedYu-Wei ChangHsiang-Jou LinJul, 2023M.A.
Information Behavior of Social Issue Based YouTube Content Creators: The Case of YouTube Channel "shasha77"Shanju Lin ChangJeng-Shiun WangJul, 2023M.A.
How Non-Verbal Turn-Taking Cues Affect Elderly Communication with A Social Robot in A Casual Conversation SettingWeijane Lin, Hsiu-Ping YuehChia-Ho ChenJul, 2023M.A.
The Domain Analysis of Museum Visitor StudiesWeijane LinYuan-Ling Shih Jul, 2023M.A.
Research on the Experience of Seniors Using Public Library Information and Communication TechnologyShanju Lin ChangChih-Yi YuJul, 2023M.A.
A Study on Cataloging Librarians' Perceptions of Cataloging EthicsWen-Chin LanWei-Yu ChenJul, 2023M.A.
An Exploratory Study on “Human Flesh Search” as Information BehaviorTien-I TsaiSih-An ChenJan, 2023M.A.
Data Quality in Taiwan's Citizen Science Projects: An Investigation of Current Practices in Data Acquisition and Maintaining StrategiesWei JengChieh-Jen KanJan, 2023M.A.
Observing the Role of Data Papers in Scholarly Communication from the Motivation of Nature Scientists' Work SubmissionWei JengPao-Pei HuangJan, 2023M.A.
Analyzing Service Failure and Attribution of Public Libraries by Online Negative Word-of-Mouth: The Case of Google Map Reviews of Taoyuan Public Library Chen Su-may SheihHsin-Tzu HuJan, 2023M.A.
How reviewers' profiles affect user's judgment of physiciansMuh-Chyun Tang Yu-Ting ChenJan, 2023M.A.
A Survey of the Gaming and Information Behavior of Female Otome Game PlayersChi-Shiou LinWan-Ting HuangSep, 2022M.A.
Exploring the Determinants and Perceived Benefits of the Linked Open Data Implementation in the Public Sector of TaiwanTung-Mou YangPo-Chen JuanAug, 2022M.A.
Information Encountering in the Information World: BL(Boys' Love) Fans' Reading Selection BehaviorTien-I TsaiHsuan-Ju ChenJul, 2022M.A.
Exploring Work-related Information World of Junior High School Counselors from the Perspective of Ecological SystemsTien-I TsaiYi-Ling ChenJul, 2022M.A.
Using Virtual Reality Technology to Construct an Eco-Museum – A Case Study of National Taiwan University MuseumsWeijane LinYu-Chun WangJul, 2022M.A.
Exploring the Relative Impact of Different Judgment Cues on Movie-goers' Decision Making and Actual Satisfaction: A Len's Model ApproachMuh-Chyun TangLan-Chi TzengJul, 2022M.A.
Using co-word network community detection and LDA topic modeling to extract topics on TED TalksMuh-Chyun Tang, Sung-Chien LinLi-Ting HungJul, 2022M.A.
A Study on Emotional Healing Efficacy of Audiovisual Work: The Case of Librarian with Emotional Exhaustion in TaiwanChen Su-may SheihMei-Fang TsaiJan, 2022M.A.
Maturity Levels of Research Data Management Services of Universities and Colleges of TaiwanSzu-Chia LoPei-Yu ChiuJan, 2022M.A.
Study of Rapid E-learning Model on Information Literacy Competencies ConstructionSzu-Chia LoChieh-Yu HuangJan, 2022M.A.
The Practice of Open Research Data and Repositories for Criminology in TaiwanWei JengYi-Ru ShihJan, 2022M.A.
nformation World of College Graduates in First-time Job Seeking ContextsTien-I TsaiShih-Hsuan ChenJan, 2022M.A.
Exploring Information Avoidance Phenomenon in the Risk Society: In the Context of the COVID-19 PandemicShanju Lin ChangShu LuJan, 2022M.A.
Data Literacy and Information Anxiety among Undergraduate Pre-service Teachers of Secondary SchoolTien-I TsaiSan LeeJan, 2022M.A.
Study of Concept and Practice of Educational Film ArchivesSzu-Chia LoYi-Zhow WeiOct. 2021M.A.
A Study on Reading Pleasure and Seeking Behavior of Female Romance ReadersChi-Shiou LinYu-Tzu LiangOct. 2021M.A.
How Different Augmented Feedback Designs Affect Visually Impaired Children's Reading Comprehension of ImageWeijane LinHsiao-Hsuan HanOct. 2021M.A.
Toward a new evaluation model for link prediction: A case study of co-word network in biomedical scienceMuh-Chyun TangChia-Wei ChenOct. 2021M.A.
Exploring the information behavior of primary caregivers for children with autism spectrum disorder : an information world mapping approachTien-I TsaiChen-Hsuan TaiJun, 2021M.A.
How Different Imagery Use Affects Performance of College Volleyball PlayersWeijane LinHan-Yang ShihJul, 2020M.A.
Developing A Serious Game for Pre-service Information Workers’Learning of Information EthicsWeijane LinJui-Ying WangJul, 2020M.A.
From Raw Data to Value-added Data: Data Friction in HumanitiesWei JengChieh-Yun LinJul, 2020M.A.
The application of augmented reality technology for calligraphy exhibitionsWeijane LinHsiao-Hsuan ChenJul, 2020M.A.
Explore Media Images of Librarians in Newspapers of Mainland China and TaiwanKuang-hua ChenFan XieJul, 2020M.A.
Influences of Independent Music Audience Preference Structure on the Effectiveness of Recommendation Strategies:A Study on StreetVoiceMuh-Chyun TangCheng-Yi WuJan, 2020M.A.
Relation between Learners' Control and Scientific Process Skills in Sandbox-style Tangible Augmented RealityWeijane LinChia-Yu HsuJan, 2020M.A.
Information Product Designers' Perception of Information Architecture in the Design ProcessWei JengHsin-Yuan HuJan, 2020M.A.
An Empirical Investigation of the Persuasiveness of Pictorial E-WOM in Hotel JudgementMuh-Chyun TangCho-Ting MakJan, 2020M.A.
Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Behavioral Economics Based on Bibliometrics MethodMuh-Chyun TangYa-Fang ChengJul, 2019M.A.
The Social Network Analysis of Online Fiction Communities: A Case Study of Qidian WebsiteMuh-Chyun TangYu-En JungJul, 2019M.A.
A Study on Applying Bibliographic Coupling and Co-citation to Investigate Electronic Government ReserrchKuang-hua ChenChing-Ju LinJul, 2019M.A.
An Eye-Tracking
Study of Reading Library Rare Books with Different AR Layout Design
Weijane LinYi-Shah HsiehJul, 2019M.A.
The information behavior of Taiwanese lesbians during the identity development and the coming-out processChi-Shiou LinYen-Chiao ChanJul, 2019M.A.
A Study of Library Services in Prison Libraries in TaiwanHsueh-Hua ChenChai-Li ChenJul, 2019M.A.
Tracking the Academic Influence of Brenda Dervin's Sense-Making MethodologyYu-Wei ChangI-Jen LiJul, 2019M.A.
A Study on Cross-field Alliance in Taiwan's Public LibrariesHsueh-Hua ChenYu-Ting SuJul, 2019M.A.
How Different Design of Multimodal media in Augmented Reality Affects Museum Learning ExperienceWeijane LinWen-Ting LoJul, 2019M.A.
Everyday Life Information World Mapping of Taiwanese International Students in Japan: A Visual Narrative Inquiry ApproachTien-I TsaiChih-Chi WuJul, 2019M.A.
Exploring the Impact of Different Book Finding Tools on Effectiveness of Recommendation Accuracy and NoveltyMuh-Chyun TangYi-Rou LaiJul, 2019M.A.
Exploring the Factors Influencing Government Agencies' Open Data Implementation: A Quantitative ApproachTung-Mou YangMeng-Chia WuMar, 2019M.A.
A Usability Study of Baby Health Tracking Mobile AppsMuh-Chyun TangYi-Wen ChenJan, 2019M.A.
Investigating the Effectiveness of Public Relations Established by Public Libraries in Taiwan Based on Quantitative Research Methods:a Case Study of Taipei Public library and Taichung Public libraryKuang-hua ChenChien-Ju ChiangJan, 2019M.A.
The Effects of Article Retractions on the Productivity, Scientific Impact and Coauthorship Size of AuthorsMu-Hsuan HuangCynthia Shin-Lan ChenJan, 2019M.A.
On the Validation of the Constructs of "Preference Diversity" and "Openness to Novelty" Using User Movie Profile and JudgmentMuh-Chyun TangI-Han LiaoJan, 2019M.A.
A Study of the Relationship Between Information Literacy in the Workplace and Software Knowledge & Skill: A Cross-strait Perspective on Information Technology professionalsPao-Nuan HsiehJing-Rou LinJul. 2018M.A.
A Study of Reading Pleasure of Male Readers of Boys’ LoveChi-Shiou LinTing-Fang ChangJul. 2018M.A.
Exploring the Impact of Social Support on Active Ageing from the Social Software Application of Smart PhoneShanju Lin ChangChieh YuJul. 2018M.A.
A Study on Information Avoiddance Behavior of Facebook UsersChi-Shiou LinTze-Ching LinJul. 2018M.A.
A Study of Public Library Cooperative Service Models for Older AdultsShanju Lin ChangYu-Ting WangJul. 2018M.A.
Discovering the Connection between Library Special Collection and Academic Research: A Case Study of the Tanaka Collection of National Taiwan University LibraryWeijane LinHsiang-Jou ChangJul. 2018M.A.
A Study on Relation of Legislative Information and Legislator’s Reelection Based on Accountability in Taipei City CouncilKuang-hua ChenYimg-Lo HuangJul. 2018M.A.
Exploring Cooking Hobbyists’ Serious Leisure Characteristics and Their Information Behavior Tien-I TsaiHsuan-Yi ChenJul. 2018M.A.
Workplace Information Anxiety among AccountantPao-Nuan HsiehPing-Hsiang WengMay, 2018M.A.
Assessing Users' Needs and Satisfaction of Intelligent Libraries: The Case of Taipei Public LibraryTien-I TsaiJu-In ChengMay, 2018M.A.
A Comparative Study of Alternative Metrics for Research Outputs of College of Librarl Arts, National Taiwan UniversityKuang-hua ChenSu-Shuan WuJan. 2018M.A.
A Study on Emotional Healing Efficacy of Picture Books for the People in Early Adulthood : The Case of Jimmy Liao's Picture BooksChen Su-may SheihShih-Ju ChouJan. 2018M.A.
Comparing social network exchange patterns in different types of virtual communities: an Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGMs) approachMuh-Chyun TangMeng-Hsiu HouJan. 2018M.A.
How the design of science communication message influence audience's aomprehensionWeijane LinSih-Jia HuangJan. 2018M.A.
Individual Differences in Undergraduate Students' Collaborative Information Seeking BehaviorTien-I TsaiChun-Hsien ChuangJan. 2018M.A.
A Study of Confirmation Bias on the Processing of Online Book Review: the Role of InvolvementMuh-Chyun TangPei-Min WuJul. 2017M.A.
The Evaluation of Visitor Experience in Online Exhibition: A Case of Taiwan's Agricultural Archive Exhibition WebsiteWeijane LinYi-Ling ChuJul. 2017M.A.
An Investigation for the Research Trends in International Library and Information Science with a Focus on Textual TermsKuang-hua ChenChih-Chun KangJul. 2017M.A.
Diversity of Forward Citation of Highly cited Researchers in the Field of Chemistry and Materials ScienceMu-Hsuan HuangTzu-Kun HsiaoJul. 2017M.A.
Perceived Outcomes of Public Library from the Users' PerspectivePao-Nuan HsiehYung-Ju GaoJul. 2017M.A.
Design Principles of Digital Library for the Visually Impaired
Weijane LinYi-Tsen Chang
Jul. 2017M.A.
A Study of Public Library Services to the Homeless People Based on the Experiences of Social EnterpriseHsueh-Hua ChenWei-Ya WangJul. 2017M.A.
The Mitigation of Confirmation Bias in Health Information Processing: A Comparison between Popular & Expert OpinionsMuh-Chyun TangI-Hsing ChiaJul. 2017M.A.
A Comparison between PubMed Quick Search and Advanced Search with Real Users and Real Search Requests
Muh-Chyun TangYing-Fong JhengJul. 2017M.A.
Exploring Music Listening Behaviors of Individuals with Different Preference Characteristics: an Experience Sampling ApproachMuh-Chyun TangPei-Syuan JhangJan. 2017M.A.
Exploring Collaborative Health Promotion Services between Public Health Centers and Public Libraries Yu-Wei ChangTung-Chi HuJan. 2017M.A.
The Tacit Knowledge and Work Process of Arrangers of Chinese Popular Music in TaiwanShanju Lin ChangChia-Na HoJan. 2017M.A.
Business Mobile Learning Research Trend: A Bibliographical AnalysisWeijane LinYi-Chun ChenOct. 2016M.A.
How the Design of Museum Exhibition Impacts Immigrant Family Visitors' Visiting BehaviorsWeijane LinPei-Ling TsengAug. 2016M.A.
Understanding the Influence of Public Library Services on Older Adults:A Social Capital PerspectiveShanju Lin ChangYu-Ling HsuJul. 2016M.A.
The Writing and Publishing of Scholarly Monographs in Taiwan's Sociology Discipline: From the Perspective of Research EvaluationChi-Shiou LinTien-Shin ChangJul. 2016M.A.
The Emotional Healing Efficacy of the Holy Bible for the Christian Students of National Taiwan University : An Exploratory StudyChen Su-may SheihSin Yi ChanJun. 2016M.A.
Exploring Government Officials' Data Seeking Behaviors in Open Data IntiativesTung-Mou YangChung-Cheh MaJun. 2016M.A.
A Study of Quantitative Data Reuse in the Social Sciences- the Case of the TSSCI Journal Articles, 2011-2015Chi-Shiou LinChing-Yi LaiJun. 2016M.A.
The Selection and Information Exchange Behavior of Mystery Fiction Fans in TaiwanChi-Shiou LinChiu-Yen WuJun. 2016M.A.
A Study of Usability Design Guidelines for Arts and Cultural Events' Mobile ApplicationPao-Nuan HsiehYen, PengJun. 2016M.A.
A Study of the Requirement and Fuctionalities for Academic Libraries' AppsChi-Shiou LinHui-Wen LiJun. 2016M.A.
Comparing the Technological Innovation Capability between Chinese Academic Institutions and EnterprisesMu-Hsuan Huang Xiang-Xiang LiFeb. 2016M.A.
Study of Hyperauthorship and Multi-institutional Authorship in Genetics and High Energy PhysicsMu-Hsuan HuangMin-Jy ChiuFeb. 2016M.A.
The Design and Implementation of an Integrated Altmetrics Analysis System Based on Task Queue ModelKuang-hua ChenKuan-Po TungJan. 2016M.A.
A Study on users' mental models of the bibliographic universe: an examination of FRBR Group one enitities based on the works of the BibleWen-Chin LanRu-Hsing HsuJan. 2016M.A.
A Study of Children Space Design in Public Library Based on Child Development Theory: Take the Middle Taiwan for ExamplePao-Nuan HsiehHsin-Yi TuDec. 2015M.A.
A Study on Trend of Knowledge Integration in Digital HumanitiesMuh-Chyun TangYun-Jen ChengDec. 2015M.A.
Development and Validation of Preference Diversity and Openness to Novelty Scale for Movie Preference StructureMuh-Chyun TangMei-Mei ChangDec. 2015M.A.
Disciplinary Differences Manifested through NTU MOOCs Forums: A Community of Inquiry PerspectiveShanju Lin ChangChun-Ru KoDec. 2015M.A.
Family visitors' text reading behavior in educational exhibitions of art museum - A case study of NTMoFAWeijane LinYung-Chih FengSep. 2015M.A.
Evaluating Music Discovery Tools on Spotify: the Role of User Preference StructureMuh-Chyun TangMang-Yuan YangJul. 2015M.A.
A Study of Medical Students’ Intention to Use Medical Database with Mobile DevicesPao-Nuan HsiehLin-Yi SuJul. 2015M.A.
Exploring the Determinants of Open Government Data: A Case Study of Taichung City GovernmentTung-Mou YangYang-Zhou LaiJul. 2015M.A.
The Need Assessment of “Film and Literature Database” in Junior High School Chinese TeachingWeijane LinShu-Mei HsuJul. 2015M.A.
A Study of Website Design, Usability Guidelines and Best Practice for Public LibraryPao-Nuan HsiehYa-Ting HoJul. 2015M.A.
A Study on the Royal Families’ Publications of Ming Dynasty and its CirculationShanju Lin Chang, Mei-Yueh PanShih-Ying ChangJul. 2015M.A.
A Study of Resources Discovery Service Based on Technology Acceptance Model: A Case Study of University System of TaiwanPao-Nuan HsiehMing-Chieh ChiangJul. 2015M.A.
Co-First Author and Co-Corresponding Author:A Case Study of High-Impact Factor Journals in Pharmacy and Anesthesia AreaMu-Hsuan HuangHsiao Ting HsiehJul. 2015M.A.
A Study on the Best Practice for Constructing a Cross-lingual Geospatial Information OntologyHsueh-Hua ChenYi-Yun ChengJul. 2015M.A.
A Co-authorship Study of Chinese University-Owned PatentsMu-Hsuan HuangDan-Qi ShenJul. 2015M.A.
Measuring Book Representativeness of aNobii Users’ Reading Profile : A Social Network Analysis ApproachMuh-Chyun Tang I-An OuJul. 2015M.A.
Research of Fundraising for University Libraries in TaiwanHsueh-Hua ChenLi-Min HuangJul. 2015M.A.
Positive Emotions Generated from Pleasure Reading: Exploring the Perception of “Healing” for Female Boys’ Love Readers in TaiwanChi-Shiou LinChieh-Yu ChangJun. 2015M.A.
A Study on Emotional Healing Efficacy of Picture Books for Senior High and Vocational High School Students Encountering Ego-identity Problems in TaiwanChen Su-may SheihSheng-Hsin SunJun. 2015M.A.
The Construction of Metadata for Open Government Data in TaiwanTung-Mou YangLi-Ling OuJun. 2015M.A.
A Study on Grandparent-Grandchild Reading Activities in Taiwan's Public LibrariesChen Su-may Sheih Yun-Qian SunJan. 2015M.A.
Investigating Online Museum Exhibits and Personal Cognitive Style: The Case Study of the National Taiwan Normal University ArchivesPao-Nuan HsiehYu-Ting HuangJan. 2015M.A.
A Study on the Emotional Healing Efficacy of the Audiovisual Work: The Case of the Homeless Male in Taipei CityChen Su-may SheihShih-Syuan HuangJan. 2015M.A.
A Study of Browsing Patterns in an Online BookstoreShanju Lin Chang Jia-Ying ChanJan. 2015M.A.
A Study of Public Library Consumer Health Information Service Model for Dementia CaregiversShanju Lin Chang Ching-Yi TsaiJan. 2015M.A.
Exploring the Development and Evaluation of the Success of Electronic Document Management System: From the Perspective of the Second-Level Agencies of Executive YuanTung-Mou Yang Shu-Chen HungJan. 2015M.A.
Exploring Research Characteristics and References Patterns of Scholarly Literature in Digital HumanitiesKuang-hua Chen Bi-Shin HsuehJan. 2015M.A.
A Study of Seat Choice in Public Library Study Room: A Case Study of National Library of Public InformationPao-Nuan HsiehFang-Tzu KuoNov. 2014M.A.
A Study of Automation Technology for Reader Services in Taiwanese Public LibrariesWeijane Lin Chien-Ting YangSep. 2014M.A.
A Study of Bibliographic Record Enhancement at University Libraries in TaiwanWen-Chin LanYi-Lin LeeJul. 2014M.A.
A Study of Life Strategies and Information Behaviors of New Female Vietnamese Immigrants : Cases of New Immigrants Services Agencies Participants in Wanhua District, TaipeiShanju Lin Chang Hui-Li ChenJul. 2014M.A.
A Study of Linked Bibliographic Data System for Academic LibrariesKuang-hua Chen Tien-wei TsengJul. 2014M.A.
The Development and Dilemma of Print on Demand (POD) in Taiwan’s Scholarly PublishingChi-Shiou LinWei-Lin JhangJul. 2014M.A.
An Analysis of the Library Automation Marketplace in TaiwanWen-Chin LanChiu-Chu LiuJul. 2014M.A.
Determination of active personal space based on appearance when interacting with a library robotWeijane LinWen-Hsin HsuJun. 2014M.A.
A Study on the Attention-capturing Ability of Library Book DisplaysPao-Nuan HsiehYu-Ting WengJun. 2014M.A.
The Relationship between Library Anxiety and Internet Anxiety among Public Libraries: A Study of Tainan Municipal LibraryPao-Nuan HsiehYu-Chen ChiuJun. 2014M.A.
Google Scholar acceptance and use among university students -A case study at National Taiwan Normal UniversityPao-Nuan HsiehMei-Ling HsuFeb. 2014M.A.
Exploring the Composite Trace of Research Outputs of Humanities and Social Sciences Scholars: A Case Study of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at National Taiwan UniversityKuang-hua ChenYa-Chi ChenJun. 2014M.A.
An Investigation of Online Consumer Health Information Seeking Process of College StudentsShanju Lin ChangYu-Chen ChangDec. 2013M.A.
An Analysis of the Guidelines, Structures and Readability of the Abstracts for the Social Science Scholarly JournalsChi-Shiou LinYen-Ju ChenAug. 2013M.A.
The Estimation of aNobii User Reading Diversity Using Book Co-ownership NetworkMuh-Chyun TangYi-Ling KeAug. 2013M.A.
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An Analysis of Question Types and Information Resources from Social Q&A Website to Explore Information Needs of Family Caregivers of the Elderly with DementiaShanju Lin ChangPei-Wen ChenMay. 2013M.A.
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he demand for career information service in public libraries : a study of the people applying for unemployment benefits in Taipei CityChen Su-may SheihFeng-Ping KaoJul. 2011M.A.
Ambiguity resolution of author names for bibliographic dataKuang-hua ChenChi-nan HsiehJul. 2011M.A.
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The Operational Strategies for National Taiwan University PressHsueh-Hua ChenChing-hua LiaoJul. 2008M.A.
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Interactive function designs in bank website : multi case study of internal bank websitesPao-Nuan HsiehLi-Ju TangJan. 2008M.A.
By analyzing the readers group of picture books to see the promotion of picture books from public librariesPao-Nuan HsiehChing-Yueh HsuJan. 2008M.A.
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Information Activities in Serious Leisure: Amateur Hip-Hop DancersShanju Lin ChangShang-Hsun TsaiJan. 2007M.A.
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Promotion of Electronic Resources in Vocational Colleges: A Case Study of Kun Shan UniversityShanju Lin ChangFang-Ching ChangJan. 2006M.A.
Integrating Patent and Non-Patent Literature to Construct A Model for Competitive Intelligence Analysis ─A Case Study on the Artificial Kidney DevelopmentPao-Nuan HsiehDo-Min BienJan. 2006M.A.
研究人員科技查新服務需求之研究—以台灣大學生物科學領域研究人員為例Mu-Hsuan HuangMei-Hsueh FanJan. 2006M.A.
專案知識管理之個案研究Hsueh-Hua ChenYing-Chieh ChuJan. 2006M.A.
臺北地區公共圖書館問題讀者處遇之研究Shiow-Jyu LuShiang-Chang LinJan. 2006M.A.
中國古籍修復之技術知識保存的個案研究Wen-Chin LanYu-Ju ChungJan. 2006M.A.
實證醫學教育與文獻搜尋焦慮、圖書館焦慮、統計焦慮、寫作焦慮之關聯性探討Shanju Lin ChangHui-Chin ChangJan. 2006M.A.
A Study of Information Needs and Information Uses of Library Website Users in Technological CollegesShanju Lin ChangMei-Huei HsuDec. 2005M.A.
Analysis on Disciplinary Interflow of Library and Information Science in Taiwan Based on THCIKuang-hua ChenChiung-Fang LiangJul. 2005M.A.
Study on Information Behavior of Cultrual Documentary Film WorkerMu-Hsuan HuangTing-Ya YangJul. 2005M.A.
我國軍事圖書館績效評估之研究Shiow-Jyu LuFeng-Chu HsiehJul. 2005M.A.
A Comparative Study of Library and Information Science Research in Taiwan and JapanKuang-hua ChenShin-Yi LinJul. 2005M.A.
澎湖地區民眾資訊需求與圖書資訊服務之分析與評估Pao-Nuan HsiehPei-Chun HsuJul. 2005M.A.
A Study on Collection Security in University Library:the Usage Evaluation for Library Security SystemsKuang-hua ChenShu-lai ChouJul. 2005M.A.
大學圖書館使用者空間需求之研究Pao-Nuan HsiehShu-Hui PanJul. 2005M.A.
網路書店書目資訊使用研究Ming-der WuWei-Li ChenJun. 2005M.A.
國中生課外閱讀行為與經驗之研究Shanju Lin ChangHui-mei TsaiJun. 2005M.A.
公立大學行政法人化對公立大學圖書館人事管理的影響Shiow-Jyu LuMing-chun chiangJan. 2005M.A.
數位資訊資源長久保存策略之規劃-以臺灣大學典藏數位化計畫為例Hsueh-Hua ChenWei-Ping HungJan. 2005M.A.
A Study of Bibliotherapy Service for Children in Taiwan's Public LibrariesChen Su-may SheihYi-Chen LuJan. 2005M.A.
薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器相關技術之專利計量研究Mu-Hsuan HuangYing-Hsuan LinDec. 2004M.A.
An Evaluation for Application of Knowledge Management SystemsKuang-hua ChenRung_Sen PanJul. 2004M.A.
大學圖書館問題讀者之研究Lucy Te-chu LeeWei-Han ChenJul. 2004M.A
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數位典藏產業人才培育需求及學習地圖之規劃Hsueh-Hua ChenHsiang-Chun ChenJul. 2004M.A
A Bibliometric Study of Molecular Biology & GeneticsMu-Hsuan HuangHuang Yu-HuiJul. 2004M.A
區域性大學圖書館聯盟期刊館藏重疊與館藏支援程度之研究:以文山區大學圖書館聯盟為例Ming-der WuChen Ching-YiJul. 2004M.A
臺北市立圖書館人員教育訓練之研究Shiow-Jyu LuWang, Kuan-ChihJun.2004M.A
A study on digital libraries interoperability─A case study of the OAI-PMH interoperability frameworkHsueh-Hua ChenChang, Huai-WenJun.2004M.A
資訊時代編目館員在職教育之研究Ming-der WuTsui Mao HungJun.2004M.A
大學圖書館電子期刊採購問題探討Ming-der WuMeng-Ru YuJun.2004M.A
我國公共圖書館設立學童家庭作業指導中心可行性之探討Sieu-Mai ChengKuo, Chia-LinJan. 2004M.A
臺灣地區原住民圖書館服務之研究Shiow-Jyu LuTseng, Shih-YingJan. 2004M.A
An Application of Digital Object Identifier System in Chinese ResourcesKuang-hua ChenKuan-chih YehJul. 2003M.A
A Study on Library Branding Strategy : A Case Study of Taipei Public LibraryPao-Nuan HsiehChuang, Fu-HsuanJun.2003M.A
圖書館網路公共關係之研究Ming-der WuChang Hsiao HsuanJun.2003M.A
我國大學圖書館數位參考服務發展之研究Shiow-Jyu LuPi-fang TsaiJun.2003M.A
A Study of Information Needs and Information Uses of Library Website Users in Technological CollegesMing-der Wu施毓琦Jun.2003M.A
我國國小教師網路資訊行為之研究Shanju Lin ChangChien, Chiung-WenJun.2003M.A
An Empirical Study of Internet Information Behavior of Elementary School Students in Their Senior YearsMu-Hsuan HuangWeng, Wan-chenmay.2003M.A
綜合高中教師對學生資訊素養能力培養之調查研究Pao-Nuan Hsieh陳秋慧Jan. 2003M.A
電子期刊使用研究—以國立臺灣大學電機資訊學院及文學院為例Ming-der Wu吳雅慧Dec. 2002M.A
從知識管理角度探討電子商務組織資訊行為之模式Shanju Lin Chang洪曉珊Jul. 2002M.A
大專院校圖書館網站經營管理之研究Pao-Nuan HsiehSu-Huei LuJul. 2002M.A
資訊中心提供企業資訊服務之研究Shiow-Jyu Lu陳虹君Jul. 2002M.A
台北市國民中學圖書室提供漫畫書之研究Shiow-Jyu Lu楊珮芬Jul. 2002M.A
我國大學圖書館WebPAC畫面設計之研究Ming-der Wu林秋薰Jun.2002M.A
從自助旅遊者資訊行為探討旅遊網站內容之規劃Shanju Lin ChangSu,Hui-chiehJun.2002M.A
臺灣地區圖書資訊學系所資訊技術課程之研究Lucy Te-chu Lee史久莉Jun.2002M.A
虛擬社群網站之使用者評估--以台北市鄰里社區聯網(TaipeiLink)為例Mu-Hsuan HuangJui-hua FangJun.2002M.A
我國資訊電子業公司專利引用網路與技術分類關係之研究Mu-Hsuan HuangLi Yun ChiangJun.2002M.A
台灣地區中國圖書館學會暑期研習班實施之研究Shiow-Jyu Lu顏 祺Jun.2002M.A
The Study on Information Literacy in Higher EducationPao-Nuan HsiehLing-Fang WeiJan. 2002M.A
The Core Competencies for Corporate LibrariansPao-Nuan HsiehFeng-I LinJan. 2002M.A
國立大學圖書館專業館員性別角色與地位之研究Lucy Te-chu Lee王健如Jan. 2002M.A
影響係數、被引用次數與期刊重要性和作者影響力關係之探討-以數學學科為例Mu-Hsuan HuangChing-mei LiuJun.2001M.A
臺灣地區公共圖書館青少年服務現況與發展之探討Sieu-Mai ChengChia-ling WangJun.2001M.A
台灣地區大學校院醫學圖書館網路資源服務之研究Shiow-Jyu LuSanYih ChenJun.2001M.A
國小高年級學生資訊需求之研究 ─ 以國語實小和北新國小為例Mu-Hsuan HuangChia-I ChenJun.2001M.A
資訊時代研究機構圖書館員之研究Lucy Te-chu LeeChao-I LUJun.2001M.A
The Application of Signs in LibrariesLucy Te-chu LeeWei Tsai-LingJun.2001M.A
《四庫全書總目》史部分類之研究Mei-Yueh Pan楊曉雲Jun.2001M.A
The Study of Usability of Information Architecture of the University Library’s Web Site─A Case Study of the National Taiwan University Library’s Web SitePao-Nuan HsiehSu-Hua LanJun.2001M.A
大學圖書館隨選視訊系統評估準則之研究Mu-Hsuan HuangHan-wen ChangJun.2001M.A
網際網路時代大學圖書館與圖書代理商關係及影響因素之探討Shanju Lin ChangJuan Shao WeiJun.2001M.A
Wayfinding in Library : A Case Study of Taipei Municipal LibraryPao-Nuan HsiehHsiao-Ling HouJun.2001M.A
閱讀研究 :臺大BBS Books版愛書人休閒閱讀之探討Shanju Lin Chang劉應琳Jun.2001M.A
我國大學圖書館自動化與網路化後資訊服務品質提升及相關問題之研究Lucy Te-chu Lee莊佩樺Jan.2001M.A
臺北市兒童圖書館與兒童書店合作之可行性研究與合作模式之建構Sieu-Mai Cheng李嫣紅Jul. 2000M.A
大學圖書館人力資源管理系統之探討FAN, CHENG-YUAN齊元愷Jun.2000M.A
美加地區學術圖書館文獻傳遞服務之研究Ming-der WuHuey-Ling HoJun.2000M.A
A Study on Query Expansion for Chinese Information RetrievalKuang-hua ChenYa-chen ChuangJun.2000M.A
A study on performance measurement of public libraries: the case study of Taipei Municipal LibraryPao-Nuan HsiehPei-Ling WangJun.2000M.A
國立中正文化中心表演藝術圖書室服務品質改善之研究Pao-Nuan HsiehYa-Nuan ChiouJun.2000M.A
臺灣地區公共圖書館發展之研究(1977-2000)Shiow-Jyu Lu林淑婷Jun.2000M.A
金山中學高中部普通班學生資訊需求之研究Mu-Hsuan Huang林詠茹Jun.2000M.A
從兩德統一探討德國國家圖書館之發展Shu-Chao Hu張素禎Jan.2000M.A
Exploring the concept of context and information behavior in dissertation research process: an example of plant systematicsShanju Lin ChangYu-ya LeeJan.2000M.A
台大文學院與工學院研究生蕃薯藤使用與資訊尋求行為調查研究Mu-Hsuan HuangWang, Shiu-ChingJan.2000M.A
終端使用者與系統互動前後檢索問題、檢索概念與檢索詞彙變化之研究Mu-Hsuan HuangHuang, Yi-JuDec.1999M.A
A Study on Design and Implementation for Chinese Information Retrieval BenchmarkKuang-hua ChenChiang, Yu-tingJul.1999M.A
淡新檔案行政篇索引典建構之研究Mu-Hsuan HuangBANG-SHIN HWANGJul.1999M.A
公共圖書館讀書會實施現況之研究-以臺北市立圖書館為例Sieu-Mai ChengPOH, YUN-FENGJun.1999M.A
從資訊差距因素探討網路資訊時代公共圖書館之任務與角色Lucy Te-chu Lee顏淑芬Jun.1999M.A
國立藝術學院教師資訊行為之研究Shanju Lin ChangLing-Chun LinJun.1999M.A
A Study on U.S. Government Information Locator ServiceHsueh-Hua ChenChen, Ying-FangJun.1999M.A
臺北地區兒童圖書館〈室〉選書政策之調查研究Sieu-Mai ChengHsiao-Chuan SunJun.1999M.A
檢索背景與檢索問題對檢索技巧及檢索結果之影響研究Mu-Hsuan HuangMing-Chun,ChenJun.1999M.A
「台大電子圖書館與博物館-臺灣平埔族探源雛形系統」之評估研究Mu-Hsuan HuangChang, Chia-BinMay.1999M.A
我國大學圖書館網站品質評估之研究Pao-Nuan Hsieh翁慧娟Jan.1999M.A
Information Access of the Graduates in Medical Campus of National Taiwan UniversityMing-der WuLin Chuan-ChuanJan.1999M.A
A study on Books and Printing at Hangzhou in Sung China(960-1279)Mei-Yueh PanTsai,Hui-JuDec.1998M.A
A Study of the Implementation of Information Usage Education for Graying Population -- Case Study of Taipei Municipal LibraryHsueh-Hua ChenChang, Shu-ChuanJul.1998M.A
Research on the possibility of support of sex education by elementary school libraries in Taipei CitySieu-Mai ChengI-Hui TsengJun.1998M.A
國立臺灣大學醫學院暨附設醫院教師與醫生之資訊需求及資訊尋求行為之比較研究Lucy Te-chu LeeHsu,Li-ChuanJun.1998M.A
我國大學圖書館線上公用目錄期刊功能與畫面之研究Lucy Te-chu LeeHuang, Chien-JuJun.1998M.A
A Study on Machine-Aided Controlled Vocabulary IndexingKuang-hua ChenChien-ting WuJun.1998M.A
我國大學圖書館網路化線上資訊檢索服務行銷策略之探討Lucy Te-chu LeeWu, Hsiu LanJun.1998M.A
A Study of the Use of Reengineering in Library Organization: With the Taipei Muncipal Library as an ExampleLucy Te-chu LeeMa, Tus-JeiMay.1998M.A
中央研究院歷史語言研究所研究人員之文物使用行為研究Mu-Hsuan Huang林玉雲Jan.1998M.A
我國大學BBS站圖書館討論區之調查研究Ming-der Wu郭嘉文Jan.1998M.A
後現代主義與資訊科學的關係Lucy Te-chu Lee張可婷Dec.1997M.A
產業利用專利資訊之研究:以我國半導體廠商為例Lucy Te-chu Lee李淑貞Dec.1997M.A
Professional Staff Development of National University Libraries in Republic of ChinaShu-Chao HuYu, Chwen-HueyJun.1997M.A
The Studies on the Retrieval Effectiveness of Chines Subject HeadingsMu-Hsuan HuangTseng, Fan-ChuianJun.1997M.A
Making a Study for Use of Law Database in the Republic of ChinaLucy Te-chu LeeHuang, Fu-ChangJun.1997M.A
A Study of the Effects of the Document Presentation Osder on the Relevance Judgments of UsersMu-Hsuan HuangWang, Hui-yuJun.1997M.A
The Research on the Reference Services of Taiwan''s Universities & Colleges'' Libraries Using the Internet.Hsueh-Hua ChenTu, Hsiao-ChinJan.1997M.A
The Study Of Expanding Children''s Service to Family in Taipei Municipal LibrarySieu-Mai ChengWen, Kung-YuanDec.1996M.A
The Application of Corporate Identity System(CIS) for Universities and Public Libraries in TaiwanShu-Chao HuLu, Chung-ChiaoDec.1996M.A
Research on the Use of Open and Closed Questions in the Reference Interview: A Case Study of Taipei Municipal LibraryMu-Hsuan HuangCHEN, MU-YIDec.1996M.A
The Study of Answering Question Service in Large Public Libraries in TaipeiLucy Te-chu LeeLIN, Chia-juDec.1996M.A
The Sources and Efficiency of Search TermsMu-Hsuan HuangChen, Chia-ChunJun.1996M.A
The EDI Law Research of AcquisitionsHsueh-Hua ChenWu Shu HuiJun.1996M.A
A Study of Cooperative Cataloging Programs of the Libraries in the United StatesMing-der WuLee,Ming-ChingJun.1996M.A
A Study of Organizational Structure Changes of Academic LibrariesShiow-Jyu LuKuo,I-WenJun.1996M.A
Research of the Reference Type Multimedia CD-Titles Applied in University Libraries and Public Libraries in TaiwanMing-der WuHuang, Shih-PingJun.1996M.A
Publishing business of Soochow and Changchow in the Ming dynastyMei-Yueh PanMai,Cheih-AnJun.1996M.A
The Study on the Degrees that the Newspaper Database of the National Central Agency Satisfies the Information Needs of Its Users and ClientsLucy Te-chu LeeHuang,Mei-chuanDec.1995M.A
台北地區兒童圖書館員繼續教育之研究Sieu-Mai ChengLin, Qi XiuDec.1995M.A
The Comparison of Printed Book and Electronic BookShu-Chao HuHuang,Hsien-wenDec. 1995M.A.
Citers' Motivations of Library and Information Journals in TaiwanMu-Hsuan HuangHuang Fu-WenDec. 1995M.A.
The Use of Foreign Western Subscription Agency Services by University Libraries in TaiwanMing-Der WuWang,Chuan-hsingDec. 1995M.A.
國立臺灣大學數學系圖書室館藏支援教師學術研究之探討Lucy Te-Chu LeePeng, Mei HuaJun. 1995M.A.
國立臺灣大學文學院圖書分館利用指導之規劃-教學設計理論之應用Hsueh-Hua Chen Dong, Xiao JingJun. 1995M.A.
參與式管理在大學圖書館管理之應用Shiow-Jyu Lu Yu-Wei Chang Jun. 1995M.A.
A Study of Collection Weeding of University and College Libraries in TaiwanMing-Der WuChing-Fei HuangJun. 1995M.A.
資訊需求者與次判斷者相關判斷之比較研究Mu-Hsuan Huang Huang, Xue LingJun. 1995M.A.
A Study of the Reference Service Utilization at the National Chengchi University LibrariesHsueh-Hua Chen Hsiang-Mei TsaiJun. 1995M.A.
The study of information brokers on Taiwan in the Repulic Of ChinaLucy Te-Chu LeeHsiao-Li ChenJun. 1995M.A.
我國大學圖書館書目記錄品質控制實施之研究Ming-Der WuChen, Qiu ZhiJun. 1995M.A.
一九八五~一九九四年臺灣地區科學類兒童讀物調查研究Sieu-Mai Cheng Chen, Mei ZhiJun. 1995M.A.
我國大型資訊電子業從業人員資訊需求之研究Sieu-Mai Cheng Xu, Yi QiJun. 1995M.A.
【芥子園畫傳】及其版本之研究Mei-Yueh Pan Guo, Hui MeiDec. 1994M.A.
鮑廷博《知不足齋叢書》之研究Mei-Yueh Pan Cai, Fei WenDec. 1994M.A.
公共圖書館設置區位之研究Shu-Chao HuMiao, Hui FenDec. 1994M.A.
我國國立大學圖書館圖書購前查證作業之研究Shiow-Jyu Lu Zhang, An MingDec. 1994M.A.
公共圖書館人力資源管理系統之探討Bao-Huan ShenQi, De ZhangNov. 1994M.A.
The research on serials catalogingHsueh-Hua Chen Wu, Huey-jongJul. 1994M.A.
The Role of Public Library in Combating Illiteracy among the Elderly: A Case Study of Taipei Municipal Library.Hsueh-Hua Chen Yun-chun WEIJun. 1994M.A.
A Transaction log Analysis of National Tsing Hua University Library Online CatalogMing-Der WuChiou Yun-lingJun. 1994M.A.
The study of reference obsolescence of the chemical journal literature in TaiwanLucy Te-Chu LeeChou, Hsiao-wenJun. 1994M.A.
The Bookstores and Personal Publishing in Fu-Chien in Sung Dynasty ResearchMei-Yueh Pan Huang Ming-CheJun. 1994M.A.
Regulation and Influence On Library AV Service by the Copyright of R.O.C.Shu-Chao HuChang, Yuh HsuanJun. 1994M.A.
The Research of Library Performance MeasurementShiow-Jyu Lu Chang,Shu-HuiJun. 1994M.A.
A Study of Structuring a Systematic Development Model of Computer-Assisted Instruction for College and University Libraries in R.O.C.Bao-Huan ShenWang,Teng-YuanJun. 1994M.A.
The Study of Accreditation in American Library EducationShu-Chao HuYu-Chen, TingJun. 1994M.A.
A Study of Bibliography in Chao-xian Period, Korea.Mei-Yueh Pan Park, Kyung HeeMay. 1994M.A.
A Copper Typography in China & KoreaMei-Yueh Pan Kwon, Kyoung-MiDec. 1993M.A.
A Study on Book-Storage of Ye De-HuiMei-Yueh Pan Tsai, Fang-TingNov. 1993M.A.
The Investigation of Standards for Title-Pages of Chinese BooksHsueh-Hua Chen Chou, Li-lingJun. 1993M.A.
The Organization Pattern of Serial Management in University LibrariesMing-Der WuOu-Yang, FenJun. 1993M.A.
Current Awareness Services of Medical Libraries in TaiwanShiow-Jyu Lu Hsu, wen-yiJun. 1993M.A.
Subject Specialists in Univerisyt LibraryShu-Chao HuLin, Ho-chuanJun. 1993M.A.
The Survey of the Attitude & Opinions About Book Selection of the Faculties in National Taiwan UniversityMing-Der WuChu Pi-chingJun. 1993M.A.
Historical studies of National Taiwan University collectingShiow-Jyu Lu Cheng,Ching-WenJun. 1993M.A.
財經新聞自動分類之研究Qing-Jun XieCHEN, SHU-MEIDec. 1992M.A.
我國公共圖書館人力資源培訓之探討Cheng-Yuan Fan CHEN, LI-LINGNov. 1992M.A.
從三面向探討公共圖書館組織效能之意義Cheng-Yuan Fan CHEN, GUAN-NIANNov. 1992M.A.
加值網路應用於我國圖書館網路作業之研究Shao-Di YuSHU, HAO-ZHANGNov. 1992M.A.
羅培茲法評鑑國立臺灣大學自然科學之西文館藏Hsueh-Hua Chen LIN, QIAO-MINNov. 1992M.A.
我國臺灣地區北部大學圖書館線上資訊檢索服務行銷策略之探討Lucy Te-Chu LeeGUO, SHI-QIJun. 1992M.A.
行銷概念應用於我國公共圖書館之探討Shu-Chao HuLIN, YAN-JUNJun. 1992M.A.
說故事之研究Sieu-Mai Cheng ZHONG, JIA-XUANJun. 1992M.A.
從專業期刊文獻分析我國臺灣地區的圖書館學研究Lucy Te-Chu LeeSHI, MENG-YAJun. 1992M.A.
國內西文圖書代理商在國立大學圖書館的服務現況及發展研究Shiow-Jyu Lu HE, RUI-PINGJun. 1992M.A.
北宋、高麗書籍交流之研究Bi-De ChangHAN, MEI-JINGMay. 1992M.A.
國立臺灣大學醫學院圖書館西文期刊評鑑之研究Bao-Huan ShenZHANG, HUI-RONGMay. 1992M.A.
有線電視在我國臺灣地區公共圖書館應用之可行性及方法之研究Hsueh-Hua Chen 張慶仁Dec. 1991M.A.
美國公共圖書館資訊轉介服務之研究James S.C. HuWang-Ching ShawNov. 1991M.A.
規劃評核術應用於國內大學圖書館遷館規劃之研究Hsiang-Chi Hsieh曾琪淑Nov. 1991M.A.
我國大學圖書館使用與管理光碟唯讀記憶體(CD-ROM)之調查研究Lucy Te-chu Lee黃翠嫩Nov. 1991M.A.
公共圖書館對視覺障礙者服務之研究Sieu-Mai Cheng呂姿玲Jun. 1991M.A.
圖書維護之紙質酸化及保存環境問題之研究James S.C. Hu盛美雲Jun. 1991M.A.
我國大學圖書館線上公用目錄使用者利用指導方式之研究Ming-der Wu廖育珮Jun. 1991M.A.
國立台灣大學工學院大學部學生利用圖書館調查Ming-der Wu吳麗麗Jun. 1991M.A.
臺灣地區公共圖書館館員遴用制度之研究Chen-Ku Wang彭盛龍Jun. 1991M.A.
美國大學圖書館自動化人力資源重組之研究Lucy Te-chu Lee廖秀滿Jun. 1991M.A.
我國臺灣地區六所學術圖書館文學及語言學類大陸出版品館藏特性之分析Hsueh-Hua Chen蔡佳蓉Jun. 1991M.A.
我國臺灣地區中文線上資訊檢索系統檢索方法與操作控制之研究Chen-Chau Yang曾美惠Jun. 1991M.A.
我國大學圖書館法律館藏支援教授及博碩士班研究生學術研究之探討Sieu-Mai Cheng張郁齡May. 1991M.A.
我國臺灣地區鄉鎮圖書館內部空間配置之研究Harris B. H. SengLin, Chin-Chih May. 1991M.A.
我國立法院圖書資料室服務對立法需求之研究Shiow-Jyu Lu張正為May. 1991M.A.
我國國立大學圖書館館員對組織溝通滿意度之調查研究Shiow-Jyu Lu俞依秀Dec. 1990M.A.
台灣地區中文善本圖書蟲害防治之研究James S.C. HuHONG,WANG-HUI-HUIJun. 1990M.A.
我國臺灣地區鄉鎮圖書館的發展沿革、現況與經營模式之研究James S.C. HuLin, Qing-HuJun. 1990M.A.
我國圖書館學系科畢業生就業情形之研究Ming-der WuChiu-Yen LinJun. 1990M.A.
國立臺灣大學工學院與文學院教師資訊尋求行為之調查研究Lucy Te-chu LeeYa-Wen ChenJun. 1990M.A.
高麗再雕大藏目錄之研究Peter ChangZheng-Ji ZhengMay. 1990M.A.
臺灣地區公私立大學圖書館人事管理制度之比較研究Harris B. H. SengWen-Rui LinJun. 1989M.A.
我國大學圖書館女性館員工作類型之研究Lucy Te-chu LeeSu-Juan ZhangJun. 1989M.A.
我國科技性專門圖書館與其母機構關係之研究Shiow-Jyu LuLing-Hua XuJun. 1989M.A.
我國圖書資訊網館際互借應用層通訊作業模式建構之研究Chen-Chau YangLun-Shen XuJun. 1989M.A.
美國圖書館學會與英國圖書館學會對圖書館事業發展之比較研究James S.C. HuMin-Zhen ChenJun. 1989M.A.
唐代佛書分類與現代佛學圖書分類之比較研究Mei-Yueh PanYao-Hui ZhuangMay. 1989M.A.
錢謙益藏書研究Mei-Yueh PanXiu-Juan JianMay. 1989M.A.
我國台灣地區文化中心圖書館激勵管理之研究Harris B. H. SengYu-Fen GiuJan. 1989M.A.
大學圖書館內部空間配置之研究James S.C. HuPao-Nuan HsiehJul. 1988M.A.
以書目計量學方法探討專題選粹服務的發展Lucy Te-Chu LeeXiu-Zhu TangJul. 1988M.A.
清代藏書家張金吾研究Mei-Yueh PanZhu-Mei WangJul. 1988M.A.
國立台灣大學圖書館資訊網路之規劃研究Lucy Te-Chu LeeChu-Xiang GuiJul. 1988M.A.
晚清戲劇小說繫年目及統計分析Chia-Lo YangPei-Hui LinJun. 1988M.A.
資訊犯罪及其立法政策之研究Harris B. H. SengYou-Sheng LiaoJun. 1988M.A.
歷代佛經目錄初探Peter ChangHui-Ding HeJun. 1988M.A.
我國臺灣地區國際百科線上資訊檢索服務調查之研究Lucy Te-Chu LeeChuang, Tao-MingJan. 1988M.A.
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