Internet Resources

Instructor: Muh-Chyun Tang
(TEL) 33662967.

Dept. of Library and Information Science,
Taiwan University
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Course description
Exploration of the theoretical and practical issues involved in the selection, evaluation and representation of online resources. Emphasis on both evaluation criteria of online information and tools associated with its organization and discovery. The impacts of networked technology on knowledge production and dissemination will be also discussed.
Specifically, students will acquire a basic understanding of 
1. The nature of digital document and documentation 
2. Criteria in evaluating and selecting online resources
3. How to effectively conduct online information search
4. A framework to evaluate the value and usability of various emerging knowledge discovery tools from users' perspective

Course Schedule

Week Topic Note
1. 02/24 Orientation/ introduction
2. 03/03 Typology of online resources; information and information service; scholarly vs mass communication
"Information science fiction" Howard White's speech on accepting the ASIST award of merit in 2004  
3. 03/10 Information as "experience good"; information economy; group presentation order Information rules: Ch. 1 The information Economy;
4. 03/17 Meet in Lab; HTML editor; Kompozer and
Wikipedia Demo;
*sign up podcast feeds, *sign up delicious
The Internet Archive ;Alexa;  
The Long Tail Ch. 1, 3
5. 03/24 Meet in Lab; Mark-up languages;
sign up open worldcat  and Anobii or GroupLen
Podcast RSS/XML TutorialXML tutorial
Digital Archive System Developer's Guide to XML: The Primer. Ch. 1-4

6. 03/31 Web 2.0 and collective wisdom on the Web;
Collective filtering system; Amazon, Neflix,
The Long Tail Ch. 4
7. 04/07 Spring break The Long Tail Ch. 7-8 
8. 04/14 Cognitive authority and information quality Cognitive authority, Ch. 2, p. 13-25 
9. 04/21
Meet in Lab
Podcast DIY; 
Audacity demo
Postcast demo

Informaiton servcie report due
I Tunes RSS specifications
More podcast/audacity tutorials
Webby Awards

Safari at Open University
10. 04/28 Information literacy; bibliographic database

Cognitive authority, Ch. 2, p. 26-35 
11. 05/05 Meet in Lab
Online Retrieval
How search engines rank web pages
Topic analysis worksheet
and Google search syntax 
*sytaxes exercise
Bring to class Topic analysis worksheet and Google search syntax; Search Engine Feature Chart 
12. 05/12 Invisible web; Federal search ;Google scholar and doi framework Wiki topic
Google scholar and the researcher. W. Badke, Online May/June 2009. 
Meta-search engine
Open access movement in scholarly publication; institutional repository; Podcast topic
Pricing Electronic Journals by Hal R. Varian;
Open URL and Crossref ;
Sefl-archiving initiative by Stevan Harnad
14. 05/26 E-publishing; review of the value of information service;
 Visit Project Gutenberg,
World E-Book Library
Science Friday Talk on Digital Libraries;
Google Sytaxes exercise due
Books gone wild: the digital age reshapes literature
Visit one of the following;, LibraryThing,,,;askalibrarian
15. 06/02 E-books and the furture of reading Ebooks hit critical mass, where do libraries fit with Oprah?
Bedord, J. 2009, Online
The e-book, the e-reader, and the future of reaing
Shaer, M. 2009, The Crhistian Science Monitor
16. 06/09 Student presentation Wiki and podcast project due
17. 06/16 Dragonboat festival   
18. 06/23 Final Exam 
Assignments and Grading

1. Class participation 10% 
2. Final exam  30%
3.  Homeworks 20%
a.  Information service evaluation
b. (Google syntax assignment)

Group projects
There will be two group projects, see detailed instructions below. 
On top of your group report, each member will turn in a half-page personal report that explain what you have learned and contributed in each group project.

1. Wikimedia group project  10%
For the wiki project, students will form into group of 4 to 5 to create and edit an wiki entry for a core concept or theory on the class wikimedia site.  
This assignment will include the following components:
1. Creating an wiki entry on the class wikimedia site. Make sure you cite credible souces and provide extra links for users who want to know more on the topic.
2. One page summary of your search strategies
3. Give a short (less than 5 mintues) talk on your entry. In your talk, focus less on the content than on the search strategies and references used in preparing the entry. 

2. Podcasting group project  30%  (example , more example)
For the podcasting project, students will form into groups of 4 or 5 to conduct a team project that involves creating a podcasting service for a topic of your choice.
This assignment will include the following components:
1. A web page that includes:
a. An introduction (one to two paragraphs) that clearly states the aim and scope of the site.
b. At least two episodes of podcasts available to download, each about 5-10 minutes in length.
2. A written report that includes
a. 1-3 pages that explains the web site's
intended user communities and their information needs.
b . The XML codes for your RSS.
3. A presentation of the project to the class.
a . Demonstrate that a user will be able to subscribe to your podcast using one of the aggregators/RSS readers.
b. Play the MP3 files of your production.


(Kroski, 2008). Web 2.0 for librarians and information professionals. Neal-Schuman.
(Shapiro & Varian, 1999). Information rules. HBS Press.
(Anderson, 2006). The long tail. Hyperion Books