NTULIS alumni won 2015 Library and Information Science Outstanding Theses Awards from the Library Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan). The recipients include Shen-Hsin Sun and Yi-Yun Cheng (both MA’ 15). Shen-Hsin’s thesis explored the emotional healing efficacy of developmental bibliotherapy with picture books for regular senior high and vocational high school students encountering self-identity problems. Yi-Yun’s thesis mapped the geospatial information ontology—SWEET ontology—with the term lists from National Academy of Educational Research in Taiwan, and modeled the mapped English/Chinese ontology in Protégé software. Both provided valuable implications and suggestions.

Award RecipientAdvisorThesis/Dissertation
Sheng-Hsin Sun    Chen Su-may Shieh  A Study on Emotional Healing Efficacy of Picture Books for Senior High and Vocational High School Students Encountering Self-identity Problems in Taiwan
Yi-Yun Cheng    Hsueh-Hua Chen  A Study on the Best Practice for Constructing a Cross-lingual Geospatial Information Ontology

More information can be found at: http://www.lac.org.tw/announcement/20151125-7330-1401436383.

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